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Chris Goodnow

Chris Goodnow is an attorney and founding partner of Goodnow|McKay, a Phoenix based civil litigation firm. He has dedicated his professional career to advocating for injury victims across the country. Chris has been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of clients nationwide and aid in the recovery of millions of dollars on their behalf. Chris has consulted across the country in automating and scaling law firms, law firm business development, cyber-security claims, and previously worked as a mediator for the Denver County Court and the Better Business Bureau. He has focused heavily on innovating the practice of law through the use of technology and automated legal infrastructure to provide quicker and more effective results for clients. Chris has aided and consulted in business and digital infrastructure development for established firms across the country. His mission has always been to challenge traditional viewpoints about how the legal field and business of law are approached. Chris continually experiments with innovation and technology to aid in keeping operating costs low to enable access to justice for everyone.

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